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> Dear Heath and Steve,
> Just checked the new prefPane against our school proxy server...
> works perfectly. Only tested Safari - works fine... the rest will be OK.
> The log looks perfectly normal and fast.
> By the way the Info version number still states 3.1.1 but I assume
> that will change.
> The connection was very fast BUT the school holidays have just started here
> and there aren't 800plus students clammering for the proxy server.
> Heath I would be very interested in finding out what changes you had
> to make to cater for the difference in proxy server responses
> and whether or not it was MS's pedantic error message nature.
> Well it seems as though Heath you've solved it... it will be a bit sad that
> this little discussion group will now terminate.

Who knows maybe some other goofy MS thing will pop up.  :P

> It has been nice working with you all.

I like figuring out techy computer stuff but I'd rather talk about web site
hosting (www.internetyx.com) or stamps (www.us1909.com) or computers in
education or other stuff (www.internetyx.com/~sstrat). But at any rate, we
have I think about 20-25 Mac users (faculty and staff) here at Maranatha
Baptist Bible College and as soon as the new version is released I intend to
let them know about Authoxy and encourage them to send a fiver Heath's way
if they find it useful.

BTW it's late summer here in Wisconsin, still nice and sunny in the 70s, no
fall colors yet though. Lots of tomatoes still ripening on the vine, and


> Kind regards,
> Bruce from a sunny 26C day downUnder - spring is here, time to to go to the
> beach until February. Cheers...

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