The other day I tried the "start Authoxy" script. After I did that, I
couldn't seem to get Authoxy working right, but I also tweaked a DNS network
setting (so I'm not 100% sure the script is to blame). I noticed that in the
message window, I kept getting spinning beach ball, and that I couldn't seem
to turn the messages off. Stop/Start Authoxy didn't seem to clear the
problem--I had to restart.

The other issue I have noticed is system preferences crashing on me. I
regularly switch locations between home (direct cable connection) and work
(Authoxy) with my Powerbook. I would say 5 or 6 times since installing and
playing with Authoxy I have switched between Network Prefs, Authoxy, and
some other pref and System Prefs has crashed (just up and quit, followed by
a "do you want to report this to Apple" dialog). I don't recall System Prefs
ever crashing on me before.

I haven't seen any patterns yet, will let you know if I see any.


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