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> Yes,
> I have struck both of these problems too.
> WRT the first paragraph, we have had the same issue with 10.3.4 and 10.3.5
> However, I am a little reserved about blaming authoxy as it does
> seem to happen when the network connection is not
> necessarily stable (read not unstable but say an Airport connection
> that may not be strong enough) My suggestion to the students
> was stablise the network connection - in their cases get a valid 172.16 dhcp
> address - THEN start/stop/start authoxy. Seems to work fine.

That's why I wasn't 100% sure it was the Start Authoxy script that was at
fault, will keep an eye on it.

> WRT issue 2 - yes we too have had System Preference crashes as well
> but not only with authoxy. I can occasionally freeze it when swapping
> appleTalk connections from ethernet to airport - which is complains about
> and the whole thing falls over. Also had it crash when trying to recover
> the messages in authoxy. Suggest you cut back the message log and for
> normal operations don't worry about the log anyway.

I wonder if there's an issue with keeping Authoxy running while switching to
a location that doesn't use Authoxy? Anyway, will keep an eye on this one
too. So far no real problems, have been using the new version for the last
few days and am very pleased. I also gave a heads up to our other Mac users
that something Real Good is on its way.


> Regards,
> Bruce.
>> The other day I tried the "start Authoxy" script. After I did that, I
>> couldn't seem to get Authoxy working right, but I also tweaked a DNS network
>> setting (so I'm not 100% sure the script is to blame). I noticed that in the
>> message window, I kept getting spinning beach ball, and that I couldn't seem
>> to turn the messages off. Stop/Start Authoxy didn't seem to clear the
>> problem--I had to restart.
>> The other issue I have noticed is system preferences crashing on me. I
>> regularly switch locations between home (direct cable connection) and work
>> (Authoxy) with my Powerbook. I would say 5 or 6 times since installing and
>> playing with Authoxy I have switched between Network Prefs, Authoxy, and
>> some other pref and System Prefs has crashed (just up and quit, followed by
>> a "do you want to report this to Apple" dialog). I don't recall System Prefs
>> ever crashing on me before.
>> I haven't seen any patterns yet, will let you know if I see any.
>> --Steve

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