I stated below that the startup problem doesn't occur with my PowerBook, but
in fact it does. When I restart with startAuthoxy in my startup items, it
does not successfully start Authoxy even though Authoxy reports success.

I just tested with startAuthoxy NOT in startup items so that startAuthoxy
has to be invoked manually. It is still not starting Authoxy successfully.
In either case (whether startAuthoxy is in the startup items or not), I have
to open the Authoxy control panel, stop, and start. I'm on OS X 10.3.5.


I am seeing the same thing now that I'm setting up a computer that has some
different login accounts specified. I want startAuthoxy to ask for the
login, which it does and reports success. However, it has not actually
started up (Authoxy reports 1 daemon). The startup problem doesn't show up
when I use startAuthoxy with my Powerbook because I leave my authentication
info in Authoxy.

I will attach a dump taken right after restart (showing a failed attempt to
connect to software update) that might be helpful.


On 9/28/04 6:02 AM, "Heath Raftery" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> 2. A while back the issue of startAuthoxy reporting success after a
> reboot, but Authoxy not actually starting, was brought up. I had seen
> the issue before, but it seemed to fix itself, oddly enough. Recently I
> was working on a client's computer (actually a friend who lives near
> by!) and switched her Ethernet network connection from Manual to DHCP.
> Authoxy, which had never successfully started immediately after a
> reboot, started successfully the very next reboot. Strange stuff
> indeed. So the wrap-up is, I haven't discovered any changes I can
> actually make to Authoxy to make this more reliable. Instead it seems
> to be a networking startup glitch.

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