Heath Raftery wrote:

On 10/03/2006, at 2:22 PM, Bruce Stephens wrote:
Then cleared down /var/log/system.log
(Logging locks up if system.log is too big -
perhaps use a separate log here???)

The system.log file was just over a 1.3Mb long and authoxy came back with a message saying "Too long to parse"... so I cleared it down
and rebooted. Its on a laptop so overnight routines don't get run.
(I use Onyx and Cocktail occasionally!!!) Sorry Unix is easier!!

You could just let the daily script run (by leaving the computer on overnight or running any of those maintenance programs) which will clean up your log - it's very unlikely your log will get too big if this script is run often. I could explicitely write to a different log, but then it wont be cleaned up by the various scripts, and is a bit non-standard.
Not worth it, the system.log is just as convenient... I use the same for my Unix bits!!

So its working... as a process, and forking correctly.
No idea what the TRUE FALSE is.

They're parameters to authoxyd. The first says whether verbose logging is enabled, the second is whether a proxy automatic configuration file is in use.
OK... can we get a test version of 3.2 with "Extreme Logging"? !!!
Don't mind testing...

The error message is
Unexpected Server response in NTLM authentication Step 2. Giving up.
(repeated 3 times)

In Step 2 the proxy should respond with "HTTP/1.x 407" to specificy that authentication is required. It would be great to see the network traffic at this point, but that's a bit of work on your side if you haven't done it before. Is it possible the proxy *doesn't* require authentication?
I'll see what I can do to trace this section... not sure how at this stage... There are various Unix tracing utilities... see what I can find.

So, all in all, Back end (127...) connects, Authoxy daemon runs, transmission to the Proxy server works and the proxy returns with an error message on Authentication.

Very strange.

Did you change that section!!!!!!

That's the bit that is really messing with my mind - no! Perhaps something changed in one of the libraries I compiled with.
This is my suspicion as well.

At this stage
the best I can suggest is that if you don't need Intel support, just drop back to 3.1.2.
Have left 3.1.2 on the other iBooks etc.

Incidentally, all the old download links still work. If you ever want an old version look at the download link for the current version and change the version number in it.



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