Will do here!! Cheers, Bruce.
PS Did you have problems getting ethereal to work under OSX??

Heath Raftery wrote:
Hey guys,

I think I've sourced the reason behind the fatal errors in the latest version of Authoxy. Solving that issue should at the same time, clear up issues with Authoxy (not) running on various configurations of OS install. It was indeed some external libraries getting mixed up during the move to Universal Binary format. While I was at it, I also added the option to allow external connections to Authoxy, so you could run just one instance of Authoxy on a network and let others use it. Of course, any simultaneous use of Authoxy puts strain on the connection design which wasn't written with that kind of use in mind.

Before I go announcing this, could those couple of people who were willing to test a fix to the "fatal error" problems, those willing to try on Intel, and anyone else willing to try on their configuration, please download version 3.2.5 and let me know how you go?


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