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> I've been doing a bunch of testing on 3.2 really trying to stress it
> hard. I'm afraid I simply cannot reproduce these issues. The odd
> thing is that basically very little has changed in the connection
> side of things, so this has got me beat at the moment.
> I have seen the "unable to create new processes" thing come up
> occasionally though and am considering some workarounds. In the mean
> time, you could try increasing the maximum number of processes
> allowed by the system using sysctl:
> To show the current limit:
> % sysctl kern.maxproc
> To change the limit:
> % sudo sysctl -w kern.maxproc=1000
> And on my end I'll look into setrlimit and alternative ways to invoke
> processes (perhaps akin to Apache or Squid).
> Regards,
> Heath

I have been running for about a week with a larger number of maximum
processes and I have to report that Authoxy 3.2.5 hasn't given me any
problem so far, none whatsoever. I followed the directions in at
MacOSXHints.com to permanently increase those limits through a launchd
config file. My soft limit is currently 512 and my hard limit is 2048. No
problem so far.

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