Thanks for the logs, they really do help. Something a bit peculiar appears to be going on here. It looks as though something is already doing NTLM authentication before Authoxy gets to it. You may notice that most of the request packets have two NTLM Auth strings. The first is Authoxy's, and the second appears on every packet. This is confusing the server no end.

What could be putting the other NTLM auth string in there? There's nothing fancy about your version of Safari? There's only one copy of Authoxy running? You don't have Squid or Privoxy running? You're not using the OS's built-in authentication stuff (in System Preferences- >Network->Proxies->Proxy requires a password)? Honestly, I couldn't imagine any of these possibilities actually giving the results we are seeing.

I'm still at a loss to see why the new version of Authoxy appears to bring this issue to surface, but I'm working on it. I'll let you know what I find.


On 12/04/2006, at 1:18 AM, Bruce Stephens wrote:

Dear Heath,
Here are the whole packet logs mentioned in the last message.
They were assembled using BBEdit.

Hope they help... In theory they should be viewed side by side
but I guess you already know that.


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