I'm still stumped about the issue you're seeing Bruce. Nonetheless, I've made an official release of version 3.2.5. The only addition I've made from the "internal" 3.2.5 is a change to the logging routing which should fix the absence of logging in later versions of the OS. At least this may shine a little more light on the issue at hand.

The release fixes a couple of things with 3.2 that were preventing Authoxy from starting, so the release needed to be made. I'm still keen to sort out the troubles you're seeing, Bruce. Try the "official" 3.2.5 release and check what the Messages tab in Authoxy says.


On 12/04/2006, at 1:12 AM, Bruce Stephens wrote:

I finally had a chance to sit down and retest Authoxy 3.2.5 again and get proper logs!! Environment - G4 powerBook 10.4.6, clean with
ethernal to log packets.
Installed Authoxy 3.1.2... worked perfectly all the way.
Installed Authoxy 3.2.5 over the top and logs the following
groups of packets.

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