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On 24/07/2006, at 9:22 PM, David Moyle wrote:
Was trying to get around this by making a script for logout that 'killall authoxyd' which works, but for some reason kills the process authoxyd from running until I restart the computer. Any ideas to get around this problem, by making a proper script (Take note, my script making skill is non- existent
and it could be my dodgy script) or some other method.

I've been looking at this a bit. There are ways I could tie the daemon to the WindowServer so it gets killed on logout, but at this point I'm not convinced that is necessary. I'll let you in on a secret - the System Preferences "Stop Authoxy" button actually just sends a killall! If you can get your script working (and there should be no reason why you can't) I think that's the solution that would best suit.

The only tricky thing Authoxy does when killing the daemon is to send a CONT message first to make sure the daemons are awake. So the commands sent look like this:

killall -CONT authoxyd
killall authoxyd

I can take a look at your script if you like, to see if anything stands out. There should be no problem starting the daemon again. What actually happens when you try to start Authoxy the next time? Do any errors appear in the system log?

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