Authoxy 3.2.5 was working fine for me yesterday, but this morning
Safari (and Google Notifier) can't connect.

It shows 1 daemon running in System Preferences, and if I stop and
start it "Authoxy has started successfully" is displayed in the
Messages tab.

Messages like "Jan 25 07:19:19 daryl-spitzers-powerbook-g4-17
Authoxy has started successfully" are all that I see in system.log.
(I can see plenty of other messages from authoxyd in system.log from
yesterday--CONNECTs, GETs, etc.--but nothing today.)

I haven't touched the Authoxy settings since yesterday.  Firefox
(which does its own proxy connect) is working, as is my PC (which uses
the same pac file as Authoxy).

How can I get more information on what is going wrong?


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