Unless you have a specific reason I'd thoroughly recommend upgrading the
computer to 10.3.9. This is the latest Apple has released to and all updates
will only be installed if you are running this version, the newer version
runs everything much smoother with all the small bugs ironed out which may
also solve your problem! Don't forget Safari since this is your main issue
at the moment!


Thanks, David Moyle


Bertram, Western Australia



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From: BaudStupid [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Sent: Thursday, 15 March 2007 8:01 PM
To: discuss@hrsoftworks.net
Subject: Re: [discuss] Everything seems fine, but simply doesn't work??


Thanks for the quick reply :-) Having a read around it does look like there
are some problems with my version of OS X (10.3.2) and I would bet money on
the ISA server not being properly configured (and I'm ignoring the fact our
NetAdmin hates Macs/Unix/Linux).


I'm having some trouble locating the older versions of Authoxy though... I
can only seem to find the current release on the HRSoftWorks website and
I've had a look through SourceForge... please help! REALLY wanna get this







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