Good grief, I didn't realise it was back in Panther days...
I thought it was early Tiger.

Yes hrsoftworks has gone a bit quiet at the moment but He has produced
some excellent software.

Interestingly under Tiger and using Windows XP with Parallels
we are having [similar?] authentication issues but I suspect that
the anti-mac admin of the Windows network here really hasn't got a clue
what is going on. And thats the crux of the real problem.
I mean to say he tried to tell us yesterday that NAT shouldn't exist
on a macBook... its a function of a firewall. Well hello...


BaudStupid wrote:
Thanks to all,
I've updated to 10.3.9 and dropped down to Authoxy 3.1.2 and it all works wonderfully!! For the record, I managed to find the previous versions of the software at: Thanks again, I'm doing a software update and using Safari for the first time EVER on this iBook! WooHoo! Adam

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