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You're correct - if the "downstream" proxy (your real ISP proxy) does not accept the authentication provided by Authoxy, it sends back an authentication request. Authoxy then passes that on to your system which reports that is requesting a log on. First confirm that you can access the downstream proxy directly in System Preferences->Network->Proxies, then translate those settings to Authoxy.

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authoxy used to work fine for many months, but stopped a while ago [ntlm actually never worked - hence i went back to 3.1.2 as suggested in various placing and hoping for the best]

having configured my network http and https proxies to point to (yes, i made sure to NOT check the password required flag) i keep getting authentication requests from the finder for my local "pseudo" proxy each time i want to connect:

"To view this page, you need to log in to the http proxy server"

how come? does this mean, the actual proxy has denied the request? needless to say, leaving it blank or filling credentials for the actual proxy wouldn't do anything.

thanks for a great product

ch on tiger 10.4.9 and authoxy 3.1.2

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