Ah ha! I think I've nailed this one. It turns out the spaces suggestion was a bit of a red herring. Instead, I suspect this is a version clash between Authoxy and startAuthoxy.

First, note that startAuthoxy searches several locations for an Authoxy install, so it is easy to leave a copy lying around that you're not aware of. In particular, check /Library/PreferencePanes as well as ~/Library/PreferencePanes (in other words, the PreferencePanes folder in the root level or computer wide Library folder, as well as the one in your Home folder). Wouldn't hurt to do a file search for "Authoxy" too.

Also ensure that the versions of startAuthoxy and the Authoxy prefpane are compatible. The easiest way to ensure this is to get the latest version of both (currently v3.2.5 for both - insider secret: version 3.3 is waiting in the wings!) if possible. When installing, manually remove all the old versions, and make sure startAuthoxy is selected for install in the "Customize" step of the installer. Note that even startAuthoxy v3.2 will not start v3.2.5 of Authoxy.

Let me know how you go.

On 18/06/2007, at 7:58 PM, Carl Williams wrote:

After doing an archive and install, I am having issues with Authoxy. Running startAuthoxy.app often results in a "Daemon did not start". Authoxy error logs indicate "Fatal Error: authoxyd needs either 7 or 9 command line parameters. Check there are no spaces in your settings." (There aren't!)

I previously (before archive and install) had Location X configured to switch Authoxy settings automatically, but now Location X will not trigger Authoxy to start no matter how many times I reconfigure the settings. It'll change settings, but not start.

I have tried deleting all the Authoxy files and reinstalling to no avail.

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