Script the Authoxy control panel? No need!

The Authoxy control panel (or system preference pane) only serves as a convenient way to start, stop and monitor the authoxy daemon, which does all the work. You can safely ignore the preference pane and start the daemon yourself.

The easiest way to figure out how to start the daemon is to first use the preference pane to start Authoxy with the settings you want. Then, in the Terminal, run 'ps -auxww | grep a[u]thoxy'. The last thing on the output of that command should be the invocation line for authoxyd (the Authoxy daemon). It will probably start with something like "/Users/liteyear/Library/PreferencePanes/Authoxy.prefPane/ Contents/MacOS/authoxyd YzMwMDU....".

Now all you need to do is get your script to execute that command, and Authoxy should start up as normal. Note that to customise the username and password, you'll have to concatenate the details like so, username:password, and perform a Base64 encode on the result. The result replaces the first option after authoxyd.

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On 04/07/2007, at 3:06 AM, Jongewaard Adam wrote:

Is there any way to script the username and password from say a logon
script to be put into the Authoxy control panel so that for each user
that logs onto a machine it updates the username and password


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