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Indeed there is a known problem with Leopard, specifically to do with the saving of preferences. There will be a fix out soon.

As a reminder, the archive is provided by the great guys at the Mail Archive:


This issue was mentioned here:



On 21/11/2007, at 9:30 AM, Matt Rosenberg wrote:

Good afternoon!

I’m afraid I didn’t see any reference to a list archive, or I’d have
searched there first. Is anyone else seeing problems with Authoxy under 10.5.1? I’m not sure what exactly is going wrong, but it started after the update. The symptoms: upon login, StartAuthoxy launches authoxyd using saved credentials. However, the proxy functions don’t work. If Safari attempts to
load a page, I get an authentication request from 127.0.01.

If I open the prefpane, stop Authoxy, re-enter the correct password, and start it again, everything works. I haven’t done exhaustive testing, but it sure seems like the prefpane isn’t writing updated information back to its
own preference file.

Known issue?


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