This might have started with 10.6, but it¹s been a while so I¹m not sure.
I¹m unable to upload large files via HTTP through Authoxy. It appears that
Authoxy is caching the upload instead of sending it to the real proxy
server. The website at the other end reports that a connection has started,
but no data is received. (Websites that display a progress meter back to the
user just say ³upload starting² without ever showing how big the file is, or
that any data has arrived.)

When this happens, Activity Monitor shows that one authoxyd instance is
using 100% of a CPU and its Virtual Mem size grows steadily. Network traffic
shows data both sending and receiving in a very up-and-down pattern, but I
think that¹s only going to the authoxyd process.

This might be an unrelated issue, but I¹m frequently seeing authoxyd
instances failing to quit or be reused. Over time, the number of running
threads climbs. Once it reaches 40+, Authoxy fails. The browser reports a
dropped connection. Stopping and starting provides a temporary fix.
Eventually, Authoxy generates ³unable to create shared memory² errors when
you start it, and you have to reboot.


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