We ended up making startAuthoxy.app a Login Item for the individual users 
because they are required to authenticate to our proxy server using their AD 
credentials.  Not sure if that helps you at all.  I'm not an expert on Startup 
Items but could you use a LoginHook to start Authoxy instead?  Those run as 
root and shouldn't give the non-admin users an issue.



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Subject: [discuss] Authoxy Issues in a Mac environment

Hi There,

We are trialling Authoxy at a local primary school and I am having a few issues 
getting it running properly. I was wondering if you had any ideas on what I'm 
doing wrong.

The school is running MacBooks and MacBook Pro's with 10.6.8 and Authoxy 3.6. 
We are trying to use it to get around the Proxy issues we are having with 
Google Calendar and when Authoxy runs it works great.

Some of my teachers are not running administrator accounts and when I put 
startAuthoxy into the startup items and then run it, I get an error stating 
that the user is not permitted to perform that action. When I check in the 
System Preferences Authoxy appears to be running, but isn't working as 
expected. The teachers who are administrators have no problem. Manually 
starting Authoxy after startup works fine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Let me know there are any questions about 
our setup.

Kind Regards

Diane Hayes
Senior Macintosh Network Administrator


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