Heath, thank you for fixing my subscription problem.
I am forwarding my email which was rejected earlier from list, for reference.

Unfortunately the tips you gave regarding modifying OS X shared memory 
parameters (https://ssl.drqueue.org/project/wiki/OSXSharedMemory) did not help 
at all.
Authoxy is still crashing with "No authentication challenge" and "Unable to 
create shared memory" in less than an hour of web browsing. And I still can't 
find the culprit.

Any chance I can get any extra info which would help in debugging...?
And do you actually still work on Authoxy, as there wasn't any update since Feb 


> I am trying to use Authoxy in NTLM environment (MS ISA server and TMG Server).
> Authoxyd is started by startAuthoxy and I am logging in using my active 
> directory account.
> Unfortunately after some time (few minutes to few hours at best) there are 
> failures in page loading - some images are missing, then some css formatting, 
> finally nothing loads at all (web browsers just stop loading with blank page).
> Shortly before first issues show up, system.log starts filling with multiple 
> errors:
> /Library/PreferencePanes/Authoxy.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/authoxyd[21628] 
> <Error>: Fatal Error. Unable to create shared memory: No space left on device
> Authoxyd restart changes nothing.
> Ipcs command shows multiple shared memory entries and only after manually 
> deleting them or rebooting the computer and relaunching authoxy it works 
> again for some time.
> My observation is, authoxy does not handle well situations when I try to open 
> URLs which don't need authentication and which are returned by ISA/TMG server 
> like it was unauthenticated proxy (ie. hosts in local intranet). Such URLs 
> don't open and system.log gets new entry:
> /Library/PreferencePanes/Authoxy.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/authoxyd[541] 
> <Error>: No authentication challenge in NTLM authentication Step 4. Giving up.
> I added such hosts (all that I know) to proxy exception list, yet problem 
> still comes back. Enabling verbose logging does not help, it doesn't log URLs 
> which are triggering the problem.
> Is there any chance to fix authoxy behavior in aforementioned situations?

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