Michael Geary schrieb:
>> From: Dossy Shiobara
>> I'm surprised there's no .reverse().  i.e.:
>> $(collection).reverse().each(...) 
> Great idea!
> How about the world's smallest plugin:
>    jQuery.fn.reverse = [].reverse;
That's some really great stuff! It took me some time to figure out that 
you are simply extending jQuery with an existing built-in function... 
Very neat.
> Armed with this knowledge, one might be tempted to load all the Array
> methods in one fell swoop:
>    jQuery.fn.prototype = Array.prototype;
> But that does not work, presumably because jQuery is already being a bit
> sneaky about its Array-like behavior.
You try to assign the Array prototype to the prototype of the jQuery 
prototype, right?

After some experiments on the firebug console, I think the reason for 
this no working is the Array prototype: It is just an empty error, see 
for yourself:
console.debug( Array.prototype );
Therefore jQuery.fn.extend(Array.prototype) doesn't work either.

But we could just add something like this:
var arr = "reverse,pop,push,join,shift,rest of the array 
for(var i=0; i<arr.length; i++) {
    jQuery.fn[arr[i]] = [][arr[i]];

-- Jörn

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