we have warning set in scripts watching our pools when we get above 80%,
however we always have our pools running as a mirrored pair.  Not that we
always experience problems when we get over 80%, but in our multi-user
environments, where they have their home directories and email folders
stored on the network shared zfs, we can be aware that performance can drop
off suddenly over that point.

having said that the biggest issue we have had in the past is when
increasing the size of the zfs file system from smaller disks we forget to
double-check the ashift on the drive and expand an ashift of 9 onto bigger
disks, where it is more efficient to create a new pool (ashift 12) and zfs
send/receive onto the new pool, then rsync the minor changes and zpool
rename the pools.

Sorry I have nothing scientific to give you at this point :)


On 22 September 2016 at 08:46, Gabriele Bulfon <gbul...@sonicle.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a radiz2 pool of 5 disks, a total of around 2TB of space.
> Looks like when the pool free space is lower than around 300GB (including
> snapshots) it starts to slow down incredibly.
> Is it normal?? 300GB sounds a lot, I remember about 95% of the used space
> to be a possible limit.
> Anything I can trim on the pool?
> Gabriele
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