I verified that the problem in GHC 8.6.5 can be solved by backporting merge request 87, a patch as well as the build steps have been updated at https://gitlab.haskell.org/complyue/smart-ghc8, enjoy!

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I'm glad to report that I finally get GHC 8.8.2 with cabal-install working on SmartOS x64, you can checkout detailed steps and all the patches applied at https://gitlab.haskell.org/complyue/smart-ghc8

The only pity so far, is that the built GHC 8.6.5 has its `ghci` not working with a strange iconv error, and failing building one of my Haskell applications. I myself am going to use 8.8.2 where possible  from now on. But given not all great libs have been updated being 8.8 compatible, I feel it still worth some further effort to get 8.6.5 working.

And regarding stack, as it's focused on managing binary distributions of GHC (build-from-src not working very well per my experience), it'll need a trusted binary repository for stack to work with on SmartOS. A private http server hosting the bindists should be straight forward, but I'm not interested to host a publicly available binary repository with those bindist tarballs digitally signed (or there're security concerns). If anyone is interested, I'd like to help as far as I can.

I would particular like to see Nix be ported to SmartOS/Illumos/Solaris, so I could contribute to nixpkgs instead, which should save more asses in tool dependency resolution, but seems that's not an option in near future.

I'm thankful to folks at #ghc and #smartos who helped me so much in this journey. Especially bgamari, without his hints and bleeding edge patches this won't be possible at all. And thanks to geekosaur for his professional insights into the linker situation on SmartOS, quick and precise identification of the problem from the error messages so confusing to me.

https://www.mail-archive.com/smartos-discuss@lists.smartos.org/msg05016.html provided the information to get me started at all, and thanks to Jonathan Perkin for confirming the bootstrapping path being a viable route in the first place.


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