Duo is picking up usage in the academic environment pretty quickly. We're 
rolling it out. We've used their API to build a couple of pieces we need (like 
enrolling allowed people, removing users when they leave, and providing 
one-time use keys if the device is lost). It has been very easy to include it 
in a number of our login processes.

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Hi all, hope this email finds everyone well. We're looking into setting up 
two-factor authentication at my company for a 2017 project and I'm in the 
"Let's get the lay of the land" phase. Right now it seems like Duo is making 
big headway in this market, but I've heard good things about RSA as well. I'd 
love to get some first-hand feedback from people who have used these types of 
2FA solutions who aren't sales people :)

Overall I get what 2FA/MFA does, but I'm blurry on how it gets implemented - at 
face value I'm very interested in Duo so if anyone has experience with Duo and 
setting it up (preferably alongside Palo Alto's and GlobalProtect) that'd be 

Thanks in advance!

Kyle Stewart
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