The TSC met for an hour each on Thursday, September 15th 2016 and Thursday,
September 22nd, 2016. Full meeting minutes can be found here:

Major topics included:
* Formally approving the release of Boron (see bullet 4 of the 9/15 minutes)
* Setting updated dates for the stability releases of Boron (see bullet 4
of the 9/15 minutes)
* Trying to fix incentives for projects to test earlier (see bullet 12 of
the 9/15 minutes)
* Slowly resolving TSC election mechanics for a proposed upcoming TSC
election (see bullets 9 and 11 of the 9/22 minutes for a good summary)
* Deciding to have an open/town hall TSC meeting during the DDF (see bullet
10 of the 9/22 minutes)

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