The TSC met for an hour on Thursday, December 1st 2016. Full minutes can be
found here:

Major topics included:
* Introducing the new TSC:
   * Returning: Abhijit Kumbhare, Alexis de Talhouet, Anil Vishnoi, Colin
Dixon, Ed Warnicke, Luis Gomez
   * New: An Ho, Hideyuki Tai, Jamo Luhrsen, Robert Varga, Sam Hague,
Stephen Kitt, Thanh Ha
   * Departing: Chris Price, Daniel Farrell (Chris Wright), Gideon
Kaempfer, Jan Medved, Uri Elzur
* Starting off an election for a new TSC chair
   * Nominations through 12/7 at 23:59 UTC
   * Voting from 12/8 through 12/14 at 23:59 UTC
* Kicking off an election for new committer representatives on the board of
   * 1 week for people to join the non-profit
   * Nominations ~12/7 through ~12/21
   * Voting ~1/2 through ~1/16
* 2017 Intern program

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