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> Hello, everyone.
> This is a reminder that we are seeking Mentors for the 2018 Internships.
> If you are willing to be a mentor and you have a project you would like an
> Intern to work on, please submit your Project Proposal here:

I've added a project (Gradle), and already had 1 possible student contact
me on private email.

He's asked about the dates / timelines are, and I'm not clear about this
myself; could we add this somewhere? Like I'm guessing there is a phase
during which we solicit interest, then a (short) phase were we chooose
students and projects? From my own experience having been a Google Summer
of Code mentor in a previous life, it's best to choose and match students
and projects after seeing interest, in function of your available slots.

Do we have a particular mailing list for any intership related discussions,
or just here is fine?

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