Hi Daniel,

I have a mapserver instance installed on the same server running the
postgis database. I am using it to publish some raster data via WMS at
the moment. Probably use it to serve up some dem data as well.

It is not listed on the site because I was thinking that someone else
would probably be coming along and throw one up.

But we can definitely keep it running in order to participate in the
showcase. A volunteer (more experienced with mapserver then myself :) )
to help setup some nice map files would be welcomed.


Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> Potentially the outcome of a previous workshop could be this WMS...
>> (dream on).
>> We share Jody's hope that someone from the MapServer community is
>> actually setting up a WMS for or during FOSS4G.
>> For example W05:  Tom Kralidis
>> Environmennt Canada
>> Daniel Morissette
>> MapGears
> It's a real shame that MapServer is not represented in the Integration
> Showcase (http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/FOSS4G2007_IntegrationShowcase)
> I didn't realize that until just now.
> Sorry to break your hopes, but the OGC Workshop (W-05) is not currently
> planning to produce the WMS service based on the showcase data that
> you're dreaming of. I guess we could/should rework it to do that, but I
> don't think I have the time.
> My big problem is time... I'd love to see a MapServer WMS in the
> showcase and I really think that we're missing the boat if there is not
> one, but I have already got way too much stuff on my plate and cannot
> undertake that. I mean I could hack together a quick mapfile, but what
> we'd need is a mapfile that makes the data look really good and shows
> the real power of MapServer... and that will take time.
> There are hundreds of MapServer users out there who could contribute
> that bit. If there is anyone interested in setting up WMS services based
> on the showcase data then please speak up.
> Daniel

Justin Deoliveira
The Open Planning Project
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