I just threw up a GeoServer instance and updated the wiki page.


Currently it is only publishing a single dataset, an "appointments"
dataset as Arnulf suggested. Let he brainstorming begin about what kind
of "live" datasets we want to setup and I can do the GeoServer
configuration accordingly.


Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Arnulf, good idea to have a WFS-T we can all connect to. How about we
> publish the URL before the demo so that we can set up and test our
> clients, then reset the data at the start of the conference. (Mike Adair
> is setting up a Mapbuilder client.)
> Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> Our 2ct for the Integration Showcase:
>>> PS. I am really hoping that anyone good at MapServer will take a run
>>> at the problem.
>> We are interested in consuming WMS and WFS services in our application
>> Mapbender. We do not need the Online Resources or FeatureTypes of the
>> services now because we want to add the services during the FOSS4G2007
>> Integration Showcase.
>> Unfortunately the Mapbender workshop W-03 is at the same time that
>> Jeff and MapStorer lab and during the whole conference at the OSGeo
>> booth. Potentially the outcome of a previous workshop could be this
>> WMS... (dream on).
>> We share Jody's hope that someone from the MapServer community is
>> actually setting up a WMS for or during FOSS4G.
>> For example W05:  Tom Kralidis
>> Environmennt Canada
>> Daniel Morissette
>> MapGears
>> Additionally we hope that someone from the GeoServer community will do
>> the same for a WFS-T.
>> [W07] Introduction to Geospatial Collaboration using Geoserver
>> Chris Holmes
>> The Open Planning Project
>> And so on.
>> The WhereGroup will contribute a generic GeoServer WFS-T with the
>> Canadian SRS so that people can add notes, make appointments in
>> Victoria during the conference and so on. At the start of the
>> conference we let the url out of the bag.
>> The integration success is if gvSIG and MapBuilder and uDIG can all
>> write to the same WFS. A corresponding map is generated by a MapServer
>> WMS that looks into the same database. Anybody at FOSS4G who can
>> consume these WMS and WFS has access to these feature types and maps
>> and make appointments and view them and send them to others with the
>> tools of her choice.
>> If everybody simply uses the same data and makes sure that what they
>> do is well documented by EduCom then a life OSGeo SDI with
>> documentation and curriculum will evolve. Some tidying can be done
>> during the Friday Developers Code Sprint.
>> Sounds like a cool conference that I am looking very much forward to.
>> 31 days to go.
>> Best regards, Arnulf
>> PS:
>> How does the Demonstration Theatre tie into this?
>> http://www.foss4g2007.org/exhibition/demotheatre/
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