> A MapServer WMS is probably, just like the database itself, one of the
> backend services that should be hosted on the main server and have its
> URL published as early as possible so that others can build their demos
> against it.
>> But we can definitely keep it running in order to participate in the
>> showcase. A volunteer (more experienced with mapserver then myself :) )
>> to help setup some nice map files would be welcomed.
> Which version of MapServer are you currently running, probably 4.10?
> Would it be an option to also install a recent 5.0 beta with AGG support
> (with some help)?
Yes 4.10. I will grab the latest 5.0 beta and see if i can compile it.
> Hopefully we can make that a MapServer community effort and if Paul (who
> just replied saying he'd also be interested) and/or myself setup a
> strawman mapfile others from the community can contribute enhancements
> to it to make the default map output (without SLD) look real good.
> This is probably becoming off-topic for this list, is there another
> better place where we could continue that discussion with interested
> parties?
Agreed. I will talk to Paul R about possible setting up a mail list for
the integration showcase... if there is not already one.
> Daniel

Justin Deoliveira
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