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> Justin Deoliveira, of the Open Planning Project, was in charge
> of the Integration Showcase, and he loaded the Canadian geodata
> onto the Refractions server. During FOSS4G2007 I had a
> discussion with Justin and Chris Holmes, about the Integration
> Showcase. What came out of that was an idea of 'how to do it
> better in the future'. I then had subsequent discussions with
> some other people at the conference about this idea. Here is my
> interpretation of the general outline of what was discussed.

Part of the problem was that I was not aggressive enough about making
sure people had demos in place. Everyone was so busy (understandably) as
the conference got near that it just fell off. And I am no exception :).
Also as Jody stated the other big issue was hardware availability. Some
interested parties just could not participate because they did not have
a machine to work with on site.

I think to pull this off next time around one will need to put something
a bit more formal in place. Perhaps having people "sign up" for a
machine to be used for the integration showcase well before hand (like
around the same time they submit workshops). An additional machine is
then rented for them (or perhaps one of the workshop machines is reused).

Having some sort of "contract" like this in place would be a bit more
binding and would force people to ensure things are set up before hand.
 Especially since a machine has been set aside for them. Organizers
could then treat showcase setup like workshop setup.

My 2c.

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