I was watching this PyTables video [] and one thought came to my mind: HDF5 can easily be used to store and retrieve vector, raster and attribute tables. We would need to standardize a schema tough.

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PS. I am not that Ivan on that video.

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
Landon Blake wrote:
P.S. - This is probably a crazy idea, but has anyone ever considered
talking to ESRI about cooperating on an update Shapefile spec?


I believe ESRI sees the "file based geodatabase" as filling roughly the
role that the Shapefile played in the ArcView 3.x days.  Of course it isn't
clear that it will be very open and interoperable with other software packages.

I can't imagine a "upgrade" to shapefiles that would satisfy all our
requirements that has anything but the name in common with the existing
shapefiles.  So why drag ESRI into it?

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