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So from my point of view it is possible to compete in the GIS market using an open source business model without any high-level government intervention (although it surely helps)

I respectfully disagree. I doubt you could achieve the same
success in the USA, where there is no active public policy
in support of FOSS. I stand by my earlier assessment that
successful long-term FOSS needs government support (direct
or indirect).
Well, this is interesting and I now understand your point of view better. I was really not aware that the indirect support that I can see and feel in Europe already is so much stronger than it is in the US.

BTW, in South-East Asia (where I currently live and work) many countries have an official initiative that calls for support and usage of Open Source software, e.g. http://www.igos.web.id/ in Indonesia and http://opensource.mampu.gov.my/ in Malaysia.

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