I just got the latest issue of Dr. Dobbs Magazine with this cover-page article "South American Software Development":;jsessionid=AXESE4MZSIY54QSNDLPCKHSCJUNN2JVN

This article is more focused on Brazil than anywhere else in South America. It give a little light on the cultural differences that could lead to misunderstanding from outsiders. The article does mention Forum participation and language barriers as an issue.



Paolo Cavallini wrote:
Lucena, Ivan ha scritto:

I believe that TerraLib would deserve a better "technical look" than
what I did but my initial impression was very favorable. What impress me
the most was the raster-on-rdbms support.
Talking about integration with other OSGeo projects I believe that the
current TerraLib RC uses GDAL.

What I really miss on Terra* is the community: I tried several times to
contact it, especially to help having updated debian packages, but never
get a repy, something unusual for open projects.
All the best.
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