I too would like to see a solid 'corporate strength' FOSS tool that I 
could use as a spatial data repository for use by a wide range of systems 
and applications. Some of the functionality that I saw in TerraLib (e.g. 
raster in Postgres) would be potentially very useful.

PostGIS certainly appears to be a good solid environment with plenty of 
support from other projects. It also deserves substantial support.

However, I'm not sure if excluding other approaches and just concentrating 
on PostGIS would be a good thing. We could miss out on the next poster 
spatial project by doing this. It certainly doesn't hurt to have options 
and explore alternatives.

Bruce Bannerman

[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote on 24/01/2008 10:26:58 AM:

> Dear all 
> Regarding the FOSS Geodatabase discussion, I would like to bring a 
> different issue to the discussion.
> It concerns whether we should be concerned with broadening the 
> number of FOSS databases that offer support for spatial data, or 
> whether we should focus on deepening and increasing the support for 
> different types of spatio-temporal data on PostGIS. 
> Consider a situation where PostGIS would demonstrably handle more 
> spatial data types than Oracle and would do so efficiently. This 
> would provide a tremendous leverage for all FOSS4G applications and 
> developers. 
> To me, PostGIS is to FOSS4G what Linux is for FOSS as a whole. It's 
> the enabling platform for succesfull FOSS4G enterprise applications.
> By concentrating on PostGIS and associated tools, we will build a 
> reliable and consistent set of tools. 
> Best regards,
> Gilberto 
> -- 
> ===========================================
> Dr.Gilberto Camara
> Director General
> National Institute for Space Research (INPE)
> Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil 

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