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> I'd like to follow up on a conversation that took place at 
> FOSS4G in Victoria regarding a gathering of the open source 
> projection clan under the OSGeo umbrella.  Frank can probably 
> expand on the idea more, but the idea being that it would be 
> an opportunity to build up a community around the various 
> coordinate system projects, each of which likely wouldn't be 
> able to sustain that on their own.
> My immediate motivation for bringing this up now is that I 
> need to set up a project infrastructure for proj4js [1]  
> (svn, trac, email, PSC, etc.).  This might be a good fit as 
> an OSGeo 'Lab' project as discussed a few months ago, either 
> as a project on it's own or within a group of projection projects.
> Comments?

Glad to see this come about.  I'd be interested in seeing where the
GDAL's ogr/wcts work can fit in here.


> Mike Adair
> [1] http://docs.codehaus.org/display/MAP/Proj4js
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