Mailing list
-mailman has already a moderation system

- surely a mess:
- to post something you need to know how Wiki syntax works
- moderation is so difficult because you don't have a cue and have to look at any change.

Web Form
- needs development
- needs moderation too
- doesn't offer public debate ("can you please refine your offer?!?", "I'm not sure what you want to say about...", ecc.)

my 0.02 € again

Mateusz Loskot wrote:
Landon Blake wrote:
I like this idea. But it means that someone has to volunteer to
moderate. :] Another similar suggestion would be to collect job postings
until there were X postings.

I think we could combine this with a wiki page. I would be willing to
maintain a wiki page for job postings.

There is a risk that wiki page will turn into a mess.
People want to filter, search, etc. through job postings.
Also, it would be nice to have simple 3-5 fields form for submissions.
Mailing list archives provide such options. Though, mailing list seems to be/is spam prone.

How much of work would be required to prepare form + generate job offers listing on the website using Drupal features, as Tyler suggested already?

Perhaps it would be worth to spend some time to prepare small engine
and than to organize long term maintenance procedure.

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