I know some of you want to know why we aren’t just going to use the GeoAPI interfaces. I don’t know enough about the GeoAPI code to say that it won’t be used. I think that will need to be part of our research process. It would make sense to use GeoAPI as a home for common interfaces if this is possible. I don’t want to reinvent any existing technology.
Just to chime in about GeoAPI. From someone who has had to implement a number of its interfaces here are my thoughts.

1) Its a great way to talk about standards in the context of java interfaces

2) Its not a good way to promote interoperability

Now this is just my opinion of course so take it with a grain of salt. But anyone who has looked at the geoapi interfaces can tell you they are not simple. Which creates a large entry barrier for someone wanting to implement them, which defeats the entire purpose.

I would think by definition a library which is intended to be used as a base for other projects needs to be as simple as possible. Look at proj for instance, i am by no means an expert on the code base but from what I have seen there are no unnecessary abstractions. Which I would think is a large part of the reason it has been utilized so effectively by most of the other projects in the C and python community.

My 2c.



P.S. – I have subscribed to the MetaCRS mailing list. I will post messages there about any decisions made on sharing “programming-language-independent” (PLI) resources like CRS definitions or test cases.

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