Either way it comes out of the attendees since sponsorship is generally 
for those same people. Now if we could get an organization to sponsor the event 
that wouldn't otherwise get involved...

Either way I'm in.


>>> On 10/9/2008 at 2:09 PM, in message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Frank
Warmerdam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Paul Ramsey wrote:
>> I've been thinking about something similar to the Bolsena event in
>> North America, but it's hard to work out a scheme that will be
>> productive, given the geographic dispersal of folks. I think a "C
>> tribe" sprint would be excellent, but we're pretty spread out (though
>> biased towards Ottawa / Quebec). Anyone want to rent a chalet in the
>> Gatineau hills?  I'll burn some frequent flier miles to come to *that*
>> :)
> Paul,
> Well, the idea is attractive to me.  If I had a better internet connection
> I'd be willing to convert my whole basement into a programmer haven for a
> week!
> The downside of the Bolsena event, in my mind, is that it puts the entire
> financial onus on the attendies.  For some that is pretty tough.  I'd
> prefer to see an event that could be mostly paid out of project sponsorship
> funds (from projects like MapServer, and GDAL) with the attendies providing
> their time and labor.
> Best regards,

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