Hi Alexandre,

There is a CITE (Compliance and Interoperability Test Engine) which is used to test reference implementations for OGC specs, including WCS. You can get the engine from:


To get the tests for wcs you need to sign up for an account on the OGC portal.I am not sure if they are publicly available elsewhere.

The easiest way (if you are interested) is probably to send a message to the CITE forum:


And state that you want access to the tests.


Alexandre Leroux wrote:

Hi all,

I tried to find a quick way to test our WCS server implementation (it's specifically for an in-house meteorological data format - not useful outside our organization).

What I'm looking for is a simple software such as QGIS, uDig or similar to test loading data from our WCS server, and help us debugging it! :-) After some searches, I found GeoServer supports WCS and well, nothing else. I must be wrong!


GDAL supports WCS to some extent:

Thanks a lot for any feedback!



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