Hi Lorenzo ! Hi Erik !

First, I wanted to make some responses off Discuss ML, but answers could
interest others. I've already made a response to Erik. Here it is ...

Erik Uzureau wrote:

> > David,
> >
> > It looks like this is shaping up to be quite an event!
> >
> > The dates on the wiki page still seem very open, but you mention mid-March.
> >   
> > Can we be more precise with the dates that are being considered? March is
> > already not that far away and it would help to have a tighter window for us 
> > to
> > start pitching this to mgmt.
> >   

As proposed in dedicated OL ML post, we tought to choose the same date
as the Toronto Code Sprint : from march, the 7th to 10th. But, it's
still open ...

> > As for the lodging, all these ski chalets sounds wonderful. The only thing I
> > would suggest is that, given the nature of this work to be done (sounds to
> > me like probably more debating than coding, necessarily) it will be crucial
> > to have a big meeting space and a projector so that people can make
> > presentations to the group as a whole.
> >   
Shure each places listed in the wiki, offer this kind of room and the
budget include it. In case of low budget, will do in Camptocamp Office
and do our best to find adaquate rooms for the code sprint.
> > It is great to see CampToCamp stepping forward to organize this event, I
> > think it will be a great opportunity to get some good work done.
> >
> > Erik
> >
> > ps. I'll forward the original post to the users@ and dev@ lists for 
> > openlayers
> >   
Yes, please. I did it in different french speaking communities but not
yet in OL mailing lists and other english speaking communities.

> From: Lorenzo Becchi <lore...@ominiverdi.com>
> Hi David,
> this event seems really a good idea.
> I have a couple of doubts:
> why not to join the OSGeo Hacking Event in Bolsena [1] in June?
> maybe two hacking events so close in time are too many.
> This year the event in Bolsena has been successful to many, afaik. Well 
> at least to me.
> :-)
Here, it's a code sprint focused on Open Layers (and may be other close
technologies - GeoExt ...). The Goal is the 3.0 OL version.

Note that 2 Camptocamp developpers was in Bolsena Code Sprint 2008 and
will participate again in Bolsena 2009 event :-) Shure Bolsena seems to
be the european code sprint, dealing with many communities.
> The other problem I have is that I will go to the Spanish FOSS GIS [2] 
> meting of Girona in mid march.
As written to Erik, Date are still opened. Best things is to post on OL ML.


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