You may get in touch with the OpenScales project team in order to get additional feedback:
OpenScales is a very new project aiming at building with Flex something similar to OpenLayers.


Benjamin Chartier

Dirk Frigne a écrit :
Sorry for the cross posting, but I found an interesting mail about
performance and webmapping in the majas developers list.

Today, Geomajas is written in Java for the server part, and uses _javascript_
in the frontend.
Although the performance is good enough to support a proper amount of
editable objects, we always are looking to mechanisms to improve the speed
and usability of the front end.

Pieter has done some tests with the Flex technology and they are very
promising(details in his mail attached).
Should it be a problem for distribution that the technology is shipped in
the form of an installable plug-in instead of native browser technology such
as VML or SVG, or isn't that an issue?

And who has experience with this technology?

I would appreciate your feedback ...

Dirk Frigne 

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I work with client in the french public sector, additional plugin to the
navigator like flash is usualy an issue.

About mapping and flex you might want to check out



Pieter De Graef wrote:

i've been running tests on using Flex as a mapping technology for
geomajas. The first results seem very promising: it is very fast and
relatively easy to program for. Besides, Flex (or flash) has a market
penetration of over 90% (flash 9 that is).
The downside is that the bridge between _javascript_ and Flex'
ActionScript is slow. So we should avoid sending large datastreams
(large amount of features) over it.

Anyway, the main question it wanted to ask on this list, is this:
how commited is everyone to browser built-in technologies (such as VML
in Internet explorer or SVG in FireFox)?

We could for example simply throw out both VML and SVG, and replace them
both with flex, but i am afraid that many companies' IT sections will
object to geomajas requiring a plugin to work...

Any thoughts?


Pieter De Graef

GeoSparc nv.

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