hi all,

I'm developing a webapplication that let's user upload their point data and
play with it.

It currently works with lat/long in a CSV with this format (eg: *0.44, -79.9
*) but we find users with some of these also valid and acceptable ways to
write geographic coordinates:

   - 40:26:46N,79:56:55W
   - 40:26:46.302N 79:56:55.903W
   - 40°26'21"N 79°58'36"W
   - 40d 26' 21" N 79d 58' 36" W
   - 40.446195N 79.948862W
   - 40.446195, -79.948862
   - 40° 26.7717, -79° 56.93172

I'm aware that parsing and interpreting free-text coordinate descriptions is
quite complex, maybe someone knows a script (or a remote service) that does
a similar job?

It would be very helpful.


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