If you use MapServer to generate the map image, you can directly embed the 
scalebar in the map image at the time of creation.  
If not, you can just make a mode=legend call to MapServer CGI to get a legend 

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           I see that MapServer has the scalebar utility which can be used in 
command line to generate a scalebar graphic. 
           so I think problem solved. If someone knows of other tools please 
let me know.
        2009/6/5 pere roca ristol <pero...@gmail.com>

                  hi all,
                  I have a webmapping application that generates map images to 
download in different formats and resolutions, with the legend and so on. You 
can see it in http://edit.csic.es/geo/mapviewer/edit.html or some videos 
                  I wonder how I can add a scalebar to the image to be 
downloaded? as the images to download (ImageMagick) are processed in PHP it 
should be a server-side solution. 
                  some idea? thanks!
                  Pere Roca

        Pere Roca Ristol
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        Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC)
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