Sampson, David wrote:
> Ahh.. Metadata
> As I am going through creating some plugins and learning about OWS
> services and trying my hand at a catalogue plugin I got to thinking,
> what does the open source world do for managin their metadata on their
> desktop?
> I know and quite like projects like geo-network and our own flavour at
>  but I am curious as to what people use for
> their desktop.
> Back when FGDC was the spec of choice I used MP (metadata Parser) quite
> extensively but
> with the new world of IS and the upcoming NAP (North American Profile) I
> wonder what people are doing now.
> Would a lean desktop editor help people in the workflow. Essentialy
> maintaining their metadata on the desktop then exporting (through valid
> XML) to publishing facilities such as geonetwork..
> The idea is to couple data and metadata while people are working with
> the data.
> Are people working on this? Do open source solutions already exist?
> Would a plugin for QGIS be useful? Or a desktop app that can hit many
> softwares like GRASS, QGIS and others?
> Thoughts?
> Cheers

I'm kinda chuckling because you just brought together the same two
things I'm working on. Here's the sourceforge site for the plugin I started

Contributions are welcome, the big thing on the table is we need to swap
out the XML parser to allow for better character handling and saving.
I've already picked out Elementree as the tool and started a branch but
won't have time to work on it for another week or two.


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