Hi All,
FOSS4G every year is a keenly followed event. Many await the publication of 
material on the website eagerly such that they can follow labs, workshops and 
presentations of choice. 

So the present organisers may please request those especially conducting 
labs/workshops to keep in mind the multitudes who browse them through the 
internet can have equal benefit. This can be achieved my keeping on the 
internet for download
1. All the binaries that are required for the exercise
2. All the data that are required for the exercise
3. All the printed material provided for the exercise
4. All the other material provided to the attendees, CD or DVD etc 

I agree that most of it is done each time, except for a few instances 
Example:'Download data from the CD provided', is given in the lab pdf.. but the 
data is not given for download...
Example:'Run the pg_setenv.bat file first,' (FOSS4G2007).. even on date a nice 
archive is available from the FOSS4G2007 website, data, text etc.. 
but, the pg_setenv.bat, not there.

This may be trivial for experts, but for those learning through the internet 
and depending on 'Discuss Lists', it will be a roadblock.

Ravi Kumar

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