Thanks for the suggestion Mateusz. Unfortunately I don't know who
Company X is. The blog post is a good idea though.

Office Phone Number: (209) 946-0268
Cell Phone Number: (209) 992-0658

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Landon Blake wrote:
> What do you think? Send an e-mail to the project list with an
> invitation to contact me privately about getting more involved? Are
> these lurkers worth the time?

I would write a post on my blog:

Wow! This is a fantastic news!
I've just been told that the big company X has used OpenJUMP
in development of their supper-dupper and even more expansive product Y
for long long time. Every time we discover such story, it's terribly
encouraging to us, the OpenJUMP team, because it means we do an amazing
job of yet higher quality and even more usable than we've thought.
Thank you company X for such a proof of appreciation!
Dear X, keep watching and new features will keep coming.

Best regards,
Mateusz Loskot,
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