Paolo Cavallini wrote:
Hi all. Concerning ticket I think the discussion should be brought to the attention of the list.

Good point!

For my experience, I do not think server administration is well suited for volunteer work. To me, server administration is a service,
 more or less like accounting or printing brochures.

A 'poisonous' person may say that software development is a service
that is not well suited for volunteer work ;-)

Moreover, I do not think precious developer time (the main limiting resource for open source software IMHO) is profitably spent administering servers (but thanks to all who are doing it!).

Agreed, absolutely!

In short, I'm suggesting to hire a part time server admin, who should
 be in charge of software upgrades (e.g. the trac) etc. All the best.

If OSGeo can afford it, I think it's sounds like a very good plan.

Best regards,
Mateusz Loskot,
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