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Tim Schaub a écrit :

pere roca ristol wrote:
  hi all,
there was a nice site ( <>) that I enjoyed very much because you could do thematic searches of avaible WMS, getting back a RSS feed that can be parsed and so on. the site has disappeared and I wonder if someone knows something or similar sites... I just know the list below, but they don't provide RSS.

I put together a few years ago. It was running on a pretty outdated setup, and the hosting company I used went out of business, so I let it come to an end.

I've started on an updated replacement. I kept all the catalog entries and will populate the new service with these when I get it running.

I'll also take a look at (I'm not getting any response right now). My current work is also an appengine solution - so perhaps there is room for collaboration.

I'll post here when I have something interesting to look at.



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