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The PSC is considered to be a committee of the foundation, and in particular
it's representative is considered to be an officer of the foundation
(corporation) giving them some ability to speak for the foundation legally.

Ok. I didn't get this from a read of http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Project_Steering_Committees (the part about consideration as a committee and PSC rep as officer of foundation).

I think this answers my question. I didn't know how formal the arrangement was (or even needs to be).

>> I imagine this would happen with some constraints from the foundation (e.g.
OSI approved licenses only)

I know that in practice, this is probably the way things already are. Why
rock the boat?  Why assign copyright to OSGeo in the first place [2]?

The primary reason to assign copyright to OSGeo is to make it easier to
relicense in the future. It is very hard to relicense a project with copyright
held by many contributors.

Right. The reason I was asking was because I assumed the copyright assignment was primarily about relicensing. Finding no information specifically on how the foundation determines what license to use, I was unsure how things would go in practice.

Sounds like the process goes like this (if OSGeo holds copyright):

1) PSC votes on license
2) PSC chair advises OSGeo board
3) OSGeo board decides on license

Perhaps all this seems obvious. As the chair of the OpenLayers PSC, I was asking for clarification on the process because the PSC has been discussing both copyright assignment and relicensing. I just wanted to know who to talk to if/when we make any decisions. Sounds like the OSGeo board.

Just added http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Licensing

All mushy language. If someone wants to firm it up (or delete it), please do.


There are also reasons not to assign license, foremost being the paperwork
overhead involved in contributions agreements for all contributors.  Some
contributors are also hesitant to surrender their control over their

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